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We have been producing socks with passion since 1980.

About Us

It was established in the heart of the historical industrial zone of Istanbul.

A proud legacy of manufacturing innovation lives in the heart of Istanbul. Since 1980, EGS Socks has been producing the highest quality products woven in every fiber with its dedication and experience. 

The company's longevity is thanks to a dedicated team that is small enough to provide a completely bespoke manufacturing service, but large enough to fulfill even the longest order and tightest deadline. It is also thanks to the product itself - the unique yarns that leading Turkish and international brands are proud to see embellished with their appearance.

Made with ❤️ in Türkiye.

We were born and raised in Istanbul. We are proud to pull our socks up in a place renowned for its industrial and sporting prowess and to be part of the manufacturing legacy that has helped put the rainy city on the map.

Our products are proudly worn all over the world, but our hearts will always remain in Istanbul, where every piece is woven with attention to detail and rigorous quality control.

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